In a society where children are feeling more under pressure than ever, helping children with their emotional wellbeing is a priority for all at Balmoral Learning Trust.

The schools within Balmoral learning Trust each has an Early Help Worker from Together for Children in school two days a week, allowing for advice, support and direct interventions to take place with children at the earliest point of identified need.

Wellbeing is when you feel good and enjoy your day to day life. The things that we do and the way that we think affects our wellbeing and there are five ways that can help boost this.

Each of these actions makes a positive difference to how we feel, being aware of and combining these in all that we do will make a difference.

We implement mental health and wellbeing throughout our curriculum and it is woven into daily life here at East Herrington Primary Academy.  We have weekly PSHE lessons which cover a variety of mental health and wellbing topics and support our children to grow into happy, confident members of the community.

The things that we do and the way that we think affects our wellbeing. To help the children to understand what wellbeing is we explain that wellbeing is when you  feel good and enjoy your daily life. Sometimes we may not feel that we are enjoying daily life as much and this is when we need to dip into the wellbeing toolbox to help us feel better.