Year 6 Assembly on 27.09.18 (posted on 01.10.2018)

Year 6 parents assembly.  It was a chance for those children who visited Derwent Hill to share what they had done and learnt while doing the John Muir Award and a chance for the children who didn’t to share information about our new outdoor learning area. Parents ,carers and grandparents enjoyed sharing refreshments with the children afterwards in the Key Stage 1 hall. Year 6 staff were very proud of all the children.

Year 6 Young Sports Leaders Session 25.09.2018 (posted on 27.09.2018)

Mrs Hughes Year 6 Class spent the afternoon with Miss McCullock from Farringdon Community Academy.

They were involved in a Young Sports Leaders Session that will help them plan and deliver games and activities for other children in our school during break or lunchtimes.



Outdoor Learning Area (posted on 17.09.2018)

You may have noticed some changes to the area next to the key stage one yard. We’ve been busy all summer and we now have a fabulous outdoor learning area. This area is going to be used for curriculum based activities and for a brand new gardening club which started this week. In gardening club, we’ve already given it a good tidy, planted some daffodils, composted the plantars and fed our new pet worms.  Thank you to anyone who has made a donation to the area so far, all are greatly appreciated. We still required plant pots, children sized tools, gloves and anything else you think suitable.


Children have arrived at Derwent Hill and are enjoying their activities!! (posted on 05.09.2018)

Year 6 Pizza Party 11.05.18 (posted on 21.05.2018)

Our Year 6 pupils were treated to a pizza party on Friday 11th May 2018 to celebrate the end of their KS2 SATs tests.The children have worked really hard and we thought that they deserved a treat!  All of the children were given the opportunity to create their own pizza using a range of ingredients including tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms and peppers with Ms Offer, Mrs Hughes and Mr Cawley in the Year 6 Hub before they were cooked in the oven. We are really proud of all the hardwork and effort that the children have put in during the weeks leading up to the SATs, and we hope that they enjoyed their treat!


Online Safety - Fortnite: Battle Royale (posted on 15.05.2018)

Recently we have noticed many pupils talking about the game Fortnite: Battle Royale. As with many online games, Fortnite comes with risks to children and young people. The game is PEGI rated at 12+, however there is no proof of age required which can expose younger children to violent content as well as inappropriate comments from older users.  As a school we have had several recent incidents of children bringing arguments into school which have started during their time on this game. We have also had reports of ‘strangers’ having inappropriate conversations with children and children play acting out the violent content.

Please click the image below or follow this link to further information about Fortnite produced by National Online Safety:

Year 4 Learning (posted on 04.05.2018)

Year 4 have been learning about the three stages of a river, to help us understand it a bit more we got the opportunity to build one ourselves.

Our teachers put us into mixed groups of 12, gave us sand, soil, gravel, pebbles, rocks and ‘rain’ and we constructed our own rivers.

The results were mixed after it started to rain, but, we all understand the river process from start to finish.






Sport Relief 2018 (posted on 26.04.2018)

Congratulations to all of the children for their fabulous support and effort during Sport Relief. The children ran at least a mile a day and raised money for 2 very good reasons. The money will be used to support the nationwide Sports Relief Charity and to help Josh, an ex-pupil, reach his dreams to fence in the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020. Josh, the under 17 wheel chair world fencing champion, spoke to the children in an assembly about his sport. He illustrated to the children how, through hard work and determination you can achieve. Josh continues to be an inspiration to us all. Thank you to everyone for your support.



Year 4 Debate About Child Labour in Victorian Times (posted on 22.03.2018)

Year 4 held a debate about child labour in the Victorian times. Half of the class represented the ‘Industrialists’ who want child labour to continue and the other half represented the ‘Reformists’ who desperately want it to stop. A scoring system was used during the debate and it was a tie! We’re busy writing down our ideas to try and put our point across further.


Year 4 Victorian Day (posted on 22.03.2018)

Year 4 recently held a Victorian day in school where children dressed, acted and found out what life was like for Victorian children in a normal school day.

We chanted times tables, sang the national anthem, took part in drills and learned how to bow and curtsy. Unfortunately, some of us made mistakes and had to wear the dunces hat, or worse got the cane!