Year 4 Tudor Day (posted on 06.12.2018)

A big well done to all Year Four children who have produced some outstanding Tudor houses. We have loved completing our design and technology project. An extra special thank you to all parents who were able to come in and help their children with their designs too. We hope to see you again soon.



Year 6 Science (posted on 05.11.2018)

As part of science in year 6 we have been looking at different ways to classify plants and animals. We went in our new outdoor learning area and looked for different types of leaves that we could then classify.


Sports Leaders (posted on 05.11.2018)

On Friday afternoon Miss Bowes’ class took part in a sports leaders course with Miss McCulloch from Farringdon. They learnt how to plan and deliver games for younger children in the school and learnt a lot about what it means to be a leader.




EHPA Harvest Festival (posted on 05.11.2018)

Year 6 Beamish (posted on 05.11.2018)

Year 6 visited Beamish Home Farm to experience what it might have been like as an evacuee during WW2. Some children made carrot cookies using items that would have been rationed while others had to blackout windows in case of an air raid. Everyone had a chance to sit in an Anderson shelter which made us all realise what a difficult time many people had during WW2.

Year 5 at Derwent Hill (posted on 12.10.2018)

Our Year 5 children had a fantastic weekend away at Derwent Hill in the Lake District, tackling all kinds of outdoor challenges from canoeing to rock climbing.

The children took part in a range of individual and team challenges, pushing themselves to achieve their very best.

They plunged into the gorge, paddled across to One Tree Island and climbed the dizzying heights of the Gladiator.

They all had great fun and the staff were very proud of all their achievements.

Year 6 Assembly on 27.09.18 (posted on 01.10.2018)

Year 6 parents assembly.  It was a chance for those children who visited Derwent Hill to share what they had done and learnt while doing the John Muir Award and a chance for the children who didn’t to share information about our new outdoor learning area. Parents ,carers and grandparents enjoyed sharing refreshments with the children afterwards in the Key Stage 1 hall. Year 6 staff were very proud of all the children.

Year 6 Young Sports Leaders Session 25.09.2018 (posted on 27.09.2018)

Mrs Hughes Year 6 Class spent the afternoon with Miss McCullock from Farringdon Community Academy.

They were involved in a Young Sports Leaders Session that will help them plan and deliver games and activities for other children in our school during break or lunchtimes.



Outdoor Learning Area (posted on 17.09.2018)

You may have noticed some changes to the area next to the key stage one yard. We’ve been busy all summer and we now have a fabulous outdoor learning area. This area is going to be used for curriculum based activities and for a brand new gardening club which started this week. In gardening club, we’ve already given it a good tidy, planted some daffodils, composted the plantars and fed our new pet worms.  Thank you to anyone who has made a donation to the area so far, all are greatly appreciated. We still required plant pots, children sized tools, gloves and anything else you think suitable.


Children have arrived at Derwent Hill and are enjoying their activities!! (posted on 05.09.2018)