School Closure (posted on 28.02.2018)

School WILL BE OPEN on Monday 5th March 2018 having been closed on Wednesday 28th February, Thursday 1st  and Friday 2nd March 2018 due to the weather conditions.

Winter Weather (posted on 27.11.2017)

It now looks as though wintery conditions are starting to arrive and as such EHPA would like to remind you of our Snow and Ice Policy which can also be found under the ‘School Policies’ section.

Every effort will be made by the school to ensure safe pathways are cleared or treated around the site as necessary (following the priority gritting routes set out in the policy), however we are unable to completely clear the school grounds of snow and ice. Be aware that when areas have had salt, grit or other materials applied it is not a guarantee that the paths are completely safe or slip-proof; please travel with caution when moving around site.

With this in mind we ask that all adults take responsibility for their own safety and that of children whilst on the school site, including parents and visitors.  We encourage children to come to school in wellies / boots in wintery conditions and bring their school shoes to change in to at school.  This is particularly important as where possible we aim to allow the children to go outside at break and lunchtime.  Appropriate footwear and a warm coat will ensure your child is able to stay warm.

Please be aware that East Herrington may have different weather conditions to those at your home address.  Please take note of forecasted conditions and ensure that children are dressed accordingly.

Year One Learning (posted on 02.10.2017)

Children in Year One have enjoyed lots of learning inspired by an ‘Enchanted Forest’ topic.

First, as part of Geography, the children created maps from a school grounds walk in which they came across a magical woodland right on our very own field! They made magical houses for creatures using natural resources in the outdoors.

Next, as part of Design Technology, they designed and created a ‘shoebox’ home for a woodland creature using a range of resources. Using their Literacy skills the children planned, made and reviewed their designs.


Finally, the children described the setting of the magical woodland they visited and used lots of adjectives and even conjunctions! Well done Year One.


National Poetry Day (posted on 29.09.2017)

We celebrated National Poetry Day with a mix of activities – from writing our own poems and illustrating them, to bringing in our favourite poems from home and reading them aloud to our friends.

Some Year 6 children became ‘Word Waiters’ for the day (complete with moustaches) and delivered poems to other classes. They did a brilliant job reading the poems out loud.

Nature Award for Y6 (posted on 15.09.2017)

At Derwent Hill, our Year 6 children have successfully completed their John Muir Award – an award that encourages young people to enjoy and care for wild places.

The children had to discover a wild place, explore it, conserve the nature there and finally share their experiences with different audiences. This involved everything from climbing Walla Crag and plunging into Honister Gorge, to exploring Millican Dalton’s cave and whittling sticks to toast marshmallows over a campfire.

As part of the award, the children created some beautiful artwork inspired by nature – just like artist Andy Goldsworthy. They could use only natural materials found within the grounds of Derwent Hill and the end results were stunning.


Scandinavian Friends (posted on 05.07.2017)

Over the past couple of months, we have received two surprise letters – one from Denmark and one from Sweden. People living there have found tags from an EHPA balloon release that happened about eight or nine years ago!

All those years ago, children at EHPA tied tags onto balloons and released them on the last day of term. They wanted to see where they would travel. And the answer is: Scandinavia!

Ms Antje Harff found one tag while walking with her dog (Mr Fritz) on a beach in Denmark. Then Jan and Bibi Altena, from Sävedalen, found another on the coast of West Sweden.

They all posted the tags back to us at EHPA and children in Year 6 have been corresponding with them. We are all amazed that the tags have survived that long!

Eve and Harry writing their replies to the letters and photos from Scandinavia.

Send My Friend to School! (posted on 15.06.2017)

Year 6 have once again being campaigning to send more children to school around the world.

They were shocked to hear that 263 million children still can’t get a good quality education, so they created jigsaw pieces as part of the global Send My Friend to School Campaign.

Their jigsaw represents the ‘missing piece’ in children’s education – the £39billion extra funding that is needed each year to ensure all children go to school.

Jake said, “It is important for every child to go to be educated; it will give them a better chance in life.”

While Katie added, “263 million children don’t go to school and we need to change this!”

Outdoor Learning (posted on 23.05.2017)

Alongside 9,726 schools in the world we took part in an Outdoor Classroom Day that aimed to take learning outside for the whole day. Unfortunately, we did experience the Great British Weather (rain) on both planned days but the children (and staff) persevered and had a brilliant time.

KS1 took part in orienteering, mini beast hunts and took their learning outside.

KS2 took part in orienteering, pavement art, decimal hunts, maths trails and Year 4 constructed mini-rivers.

Outdoor learning improves children’s health, engages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity, but is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood. It is something we are continuing to support and develop within school and as you can see from the pictures the benefit to children’s learning is undeniable.

Miss Milburn

Pizza Party (posted on 23.05.2017)

Our Year 6 pupils were treated to a pizza party on Friday 12th May 2017 to celebrate the end of their KS2 SATs tests.  The children have worked really hard and we thought that they deserved a treat!  All of the children were given the opportunity to create their own pizza using a range of ingredients including tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms and peppers with Mrs Ferguson and Miss Hodgson in the Year 6 Hub before they were cooked in the oven. We are really proud of all the hard work and effort that the children have put in during the weeks leading up to the SATs, and we hope that they enjoyed their treat!

Codex 1300 (posted on 30.03.2017)

Year 6 pupil Alex Anderson’s work is featured in a new Children’s Codex, created to mark the 1300th anniversary of three bibles which were sent from Wearmouth to Rome in AD 716.

The original codex was sent as a gift from Abbot Ceolfrith (of St Peter’s Church) to Pope Gregory II some 1300 years ago.  To mark this anniversary, schools in Sunderland were each asked to design a page in a new Children’s Codex and Alex’s work was selected to represent EHPA.

The new Codex was presented to Pope Francis in the Vatican, after being signed in Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.  A copy of the Codex will remain on display at St. Peter’s Church Monkwearmouth.

The Codex 1300 project is being coordinated by SPEAK (St Peter’s Educational Activities for Kids) in conjunction with  Sunderland City Council, the Parish of Jarrow and South Tyneside Council.