Silver status success! (posted on 10.04.2019)

Our school’s eco-club are proud to announce we’ve just been granted silver status. This is down to the hard work of all of eco-club who each week after school work hard at litter-picking, improving our school’s environment, planting, tidying and helping to raise awareness of key environmental issues. Well done everyone. Miss Milburn

Year 4 Visit Rainton Meadows! (posted on 10.04.2019)

North East Choir Of The Year 2019 (posted on 06.02.2019)

Eco Club Newsletter (posted on 04.02.2019)

Y4 Victorian day! (posted on 28.01.2019)

Winter Weather (posted on 18.01.2019)

It now looks as though wintery conditions are starting to arrive and as such EHPA would like to remind you of our Snow and Ice Policy which can also be found under the ‘School Policies’ section.

Every effort will be made by the school to ensure safe pathways are cleared or treated around the site as necessary (following the priority gritting routes set out in the policy), however we are unable to completely clear the school grounds of snow and ice. Be aware that when areas have had salt, grit or other materials applied it is not a guarantee that the paths are completely safe or slip-proof; please travel with caution when moving around site.

With this in mind we ask that all adults take responsibility for their own safety and that of children whilst on the school site, including parents and visitors.  We encourage children to come to school in wellies / boots in wintery conditions and bring their school shoes to change in to at school.  This is particularly important as where possible we aim to allow the children to go outside at break and lunchtime.  Appropriate footwear and a warm coat will ensure your child is able to stay warm.

Please be aware that East Herrington may have different weather conditions to those at your home address.  Please take note of forecasted conditions and ensure that children are dressed accordingly.

RNLI Visit (posted on 17.01.2019)

Y5 MAKE HISTORY (posted on 16.01.2019)

An Article Written by Ben:

A week ago, Y5 students found out gruesome and cool facts about World War One (WW1).

John and Michael, who work at the Oriental Museum, came in to teach us and launch our new topic WW1.

Michael stated, “I really enjoyed teaching Y5 and was amused that they couldn’t work out what the mystery object was. It’s always tricky!”

On the day, Y5 pupils made propaganda posters, which persuaded men to go to war. They also made a Dada poem each – cut out words that you use to make a poem.

Y5 pupil Ryan remarked, “I like the Dada poetry when we stuck the words together as it was totally random.”

Year 3 - Roman Day (posted on 14.01.2019)

Monday 7th January

Today we had a visit from Lucius Felix, a Roman soldier!  He explained all about life in Roman times and we were able to have a go at some of the activities ourselves.  We became governors and experienced a Roman feast, prepared by cooks and presented by servants.  Did you know that Romans enjoyed eating roasted dormouse dipped in honey?  Then came the entertainment – the Emperors allowed us to watch and take part in a chariot race and a gladiator battle with wild animals.  The Emperor decided who should win and then the crowd helped decide whether the winner should be freed.  We are very excited to learn more about the Romans in our new history topic!


Year 6 Climbing Wall (posted on 21.12.2018)

On Thursday, Year 6 took part in a climbing party at Sunderland Climbing Wall. All children got involved and had a fantastic time challenging themselves. The staff were very impressed with their fearlessness, confidence and how much they encouraged each other. It was the perfect way to celebrate a busy term!