Operation Encompass


Operation Encompass is an initiative that enhances communication between the police and school where a child is at risk from domestic abuse

  • The purpose of the information sharing is to ensure schools have more information to support safeguarding of children. By knowing that the child has had this experience, the school is in a better position to understand and be supportive of the child’s needs and possible behaviours.
  • Operation Encompass will complement existing safeguarding procedures.

You can also find out more information here http://www.operationencompass.org/


Operation Endeavour

Operation Endeavour is a joint operation between NCC Children’s Services, Northumbria Police and the Police and Crimes Commissioner to safeguard children and young people at risk of harm from going missing.  The Department for Education statutory guidance Children who run away or go missing from home or care January 2014 states:

  • that approximately 25% of children and young people that go missing are at risk of serious harm;
  • there are particular concerns about the links between children running away and the risks of sexual exploitation;
  • missing children may also be vulnerable to other forms of exploitation, to violent crime, gang exploitation, or to drug and alcohol misuse.