Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Teaching staff : Mr Charlton (KS2 Phase Leader) and Miss Bowes

Support staff: Mr Gray


This term we have been studying Skellig by David Almond. This book has fascinated the children as it has so many themes running though it, from friendship and caring through to nature and evolution. In the book, Michael finds a creature living the the dilapidated garage of the new house that his family have just moved into. This inspired us to write our own stories in which our characters find their own creatures. We have some wonderful creative pieces! Another theme that runs through the book is homeschooling, since Michael’s friend, Mina, is taught at home by her mother. Linked with our own experiences this year, we wrote some very persuasive letters about this subject. Also, have a look at some of our barn owl poetry inspired by Skellig.

Living Things

Year 6 children have enjoyed their science topic of living things and their habitats. We followed in the footsteps of Carl Linnaeus and discovered ways to classify animals and other living things. We scoured our school grounds for plants then created a key to classify what we had found. We were also all gripped with a mould investigation! A famous bread company asked us to investigate the best (and worst) conditions for storing bread. After two weeks of watching it grow, we were able to report back that cool, dry places prevent mould growth but warm, damp places cause it to attack the bread! Another famous scientist we have learned about is Alexander Fleming and the great work he did when discovering penicillin.


Curriculum plans

Below are Long, Medium Term Plans and Parental Overviews which are followed closely by class teachers. Skills and Knowledge for each subject have been planned carefully by subject leaders for progression across the school.

We are constantly improving the curriculum to match the needs of the children in each year group so some plans may be subject to change.