Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Teaching staff : Mr Charlton (KS2 Phase Leader), Miss Bowes and Mrs Mullen

Support staff: Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Herbert


King of the Cloud Forests

This term we have been studying King of the Cloud Forest by Michael Morpurgo. This is a novel all about a your boy called Ashley, who has to leave his small village in China due to an invasion and travel trough the Himalayas to safety. If that wasn’t difficult enough for him, on his passage to India he gets stranded in a small hut and is taken away to live with a community of yetis. They treat him like a god and look to him to solve problems and heal wounds. But has there been a case of mistaken identity? This novel has really helped us to explore discussion texts. At one point in the story, Ashley had to disguise his identity. We talked through if this was really the right thing for him to do. We also used the book as a basis for a short story. The children really enjoyed the book and it linked in perfectly with our work on mountains in geography. 


After half term we have been studying Holes by Louis Sachar. This is by the same author as ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’, which the children really enjoyed in Year 5. The book is all about Stanley Yelnats, who is sent to Camp Green Lake as a punishment for stealing some trainers. It is not as enticing as it sounds and he is soon put to work digging holes. But what are they really looking for in these pits? We are using this book to write some non-chronological reports about some dangerous creatures and write a story inspired by an outlaw we meet along the way.

Derwent Hill

Our week-long residential trip to beautiful Derwent Hill in the Lake District was a real success! Everyone got stuck in and had a brilliant time while also learning so much about the great outdoors, conservation, and themselves. There are too many highlights to mention but one that sticks in the mind for most is the legendary big swing!

Animals Including Humans

Year 6 children have enjoyed their science topic of animals including humans. We got under the skin of the human circulatory system and found out why our heart beats, how blood travels around the body and why it is is so important. We also looked at the impact of exercise, alcohol and drugs on the body. The children loved dissecting real lambs’ hearts and seeing all the complicated chambers and tubes!