Year 5

Teaching staff : Mr Cawley, Mrs Mullen and Mrs Naile

Support staff: Mrs Ferguson

Viking Boy

In our whole class reading sessions this term, we have been reading Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. The story follows the trials and tribulations of Gunnar who is the son of a Viking chieftain. Gunnar and his family are living peacefully on his family steading with his mother, father and their people – until they are raided by Skuli and his Wolf Men, who raze his home to the ground and take his father’s life. The story follows Gunnar’s path to seek vengeance on Skuli but it’s not an easy path for Gunnar! The children have been gripped by this tale and have especially enjoyed some of the gory description in the book!


As part of our science topic, Animals including Humans, we have been looking after some caterpillars. When we first received the caterpillars they were tiny larvae which we kept in some vials with their food. We were amazed at how quickly the larvae began to grow and in what seemed like no time we had a set of hungry caterpillars! Over the next two weeks, the caterpillars started to hang from the top of their vials which was the sign to get ready to move them into their nets. Once all caterpillars had formed into a chrysalis, we carefully moved them into their net. Unfortunately, the timing of half term was not perfect so the caterpillars had a little trip home with some of our pupils who were able to witness some of the butterflies emerging from their chrysalides! When the butterflies returned to school, we went outside to release them into the wild!

Viking Long Ship Art

In our topic lessons, we have been learning about the Vikings and how their design for a long ship was revolutionary in helping them attack England and other countries. We used a range of paint application techniques to create a fantastic painting of a Viking long ship at sea. We produced the painting over a number of lessons; working with water colour, poster paint and acrylics along with other art media to create a collaged effect. I think you’ll agree they look great!


Below are Long, Medium Term Plans and Parental Overviews which are followed closely by class teachers. Skills and Knowledge for each subject have been planned carefully by subject leaders for progression across the school.

We are constantly improving the curriculum to match the needs of the children in each year group so some plans may be subject to change.