Year 5

Teaching staff : Mr Cawley and Mrs Mullen

Support staff: Mrs Ferguson


We are currently reading the popular novel by R.J. Palacio; Wonder. The story focuses on August who was born with facial differences that have had caused complicated health issues. For this reason, August has not attended school until now! In Year 5, we have been discussing the text and what going to school for the first time would feel like for August.


We have all been well and truly captivated with space and our solar system. Hopefully, you saw the models that we made on the school’s Facebook page but that’s not all we’ve done. We’ve looked at the phases of the moon, how the earth moves through space, the history of space travel and finally we were set the task of researching Mars (the red planet) and deciding if we could live there. The answer to that question is quite complicated but we decided no; we’re probably not ready to live on Mars just yet!

Ancient Egyptians

We’ve learnt a lot about this ancient civilisation over the past half term. A lot of the learning has been really fun and interesting but some of the things we have learnt has been horrifying and disgusting! We learnt a lot the God and Goddesses that the ancient Egyptians worshipped and we all really enjoyed learning about hieroglyphs and how the discovery of the Rosetta Stone was used to translate the hieroglyphs which had been unreadable for thousands of years! It was the process of mummification which was the most disgusting and interesting! When Pharaohs died, their bodies would be preserved to ensure they were ready for the afterlife, however, they had their main organs removed first and put into jars and their brains pulled out through their nose! We have been making death masks and we also enjoyed wrapping each other up to look like mummies but we skipped the gruesome bits you’ll be pleased to know!



Below are Long, Medium Term Plans and Parental Overviews which are followed closely by class teachers. Skills and Knowledge for each subject have been planned carefully by subject leaders for progression across the school.

We are constantly improving the curriculum to match the needs of the children in each year group so some plans may be subject to change.