Year 4

Teaching staff: Miss Baxter and Miss Weir

Support staff: Mrs Haley

Charlotte’s Web

This term we have been reading Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White. We enjoyed listening to how friendships were made between the animals in the barn and we were fascinated to find out how Charlotte planned to save Wilbur’s life. Although there were parts in the story which were quite sad (no spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet read), when we discussed the ending together, we realised it was actually a happy time for Wilbur as he knew he had friends for life.


It has been very busy in science this term as year 4 have had a fantastic time investigating sound. We had so many questions about how sound is made and how we can hear it so we made string telephones and hanger gongs to investigate! Once we had answered our questions about how sound is made and how it travels to our ears, we then used our equipment to carry out a series of investigations to collect data. We concluded that the closer we are to the source of the sound, the louder the volume!



Below are Long, Medium Term Plans and Parental Overviews which are followed closely by class teachers. Skills and Knowledge for each subject have been planned carefully by subject leaders for progression across the school.

We are constantly improving the curriculum to match the needs of the children in each year group so some plans may be subject to change.