Year 1

Teaching staff: Mrs Davison  and Miss Conlan

Support staff: Mrs Collins and Miss Firth

Please see the Curriculum by Year Group Section of the Website for information on the Year 1 Curriculum.

We are constantly improving the curriculum to match the needs of the children in each year group so some plans may be subject to change.

Spring Term 

In maths we have been learning to measure objects and compare their length using key vocabulary such as longer, shorter and taller.  We were length detectives and found objects, either in class or at home to compare and label.




Year One have been learning all about castles.  We looked at and learned about, the features of a castle. We then built our own castles using a variety of equipment.  

Jessica even labelled her castle showing all of its features!


Children in Need 2020 


During our first half term in Year One we have been getting to know each other again.  We do enjoy being back at school.  It’s great to be back with our friends.

Look at our portraits we have been painting.
We had to look very carefully at ourselves and each other using mirrors.  We had to then represent this on paper using a range of media.  This covers the Y1 Art & Design objectives and our medium term planning objectives:
  • To develop art techniques such as line, form and colour through drawing a self-portrait.
  •  To experiment with a range of media and tools, EG pencils, pastels, paint