OPAL stands for… Outdoor Play and Learning


Did you know? 

Play makes up 20% of school life……

That means per year                                                                               you spend:                                                                    231 hours playing = 37 days = 7.4 weeks


At East Herrington, we want to change playtime to make it a lot more fun!

Our mission is for every child to have an amazing playtime, every day … no exceptions!


It keeps us active and healthy.

It helps us to build positive friendships.

It helps us to become resilient.

It allows us to take risks.

It helps us to become imaginative and creative.

It makes us happy (positive mental health)

20th October 2020

The children have been asked to think about what they would like to play and where they would like to play.  An OPAL virtual assembly has been shared with all classes and after half term there will be an opportunity for classes to share their OPAL ideas with school council.

  • We want to know what resources you would like?

  • What ideas you may have?

  •  What games you would like to play?

  • Where you would like to play? Plus any other ideas you would like to share.

We can’t wait to hear all about the ideas you have! Talk about this with your parents.