Year 3

Teaching staff : Mrs Oxley and Miss Hall

Support staff: Mrs Smith, Mrs Hilton and Mrs Herbert

The Stone Age

In history this term, the children in Year 3 have been learning all about the Stone Age. It has been very exciting and we have already learnt so much. We have looked at how houses changed throughout the Stone Age and how the people gathered or hunted their food. As part of our topic, we have been finding out how cave paintings have helped archaeologists discover what life was like during this period. The children (at school and at home) created their own cave paintings using natural materials. These included a selection of berries, mud, plants and leaves. The children used their fingers or sticks to paint with. They had lots of fun and we think their cave paintings are amazing!

Whole Class Reading

In our whole class reading sessions, we have just started reading Stig of the Dump. We have studied the first chapter in depth and have met the main characters – Barney and Stig. The first chapter describes Stig and his den so the children used their retrieval skills brilliantly to use the information to visualise and draw Stig and his den.  We can’t wait to see what happens next in the story!

Year 3 Planning

Below are Long, Medium Term Plans and Parental Overviews which are followed closely by class teachers. Skills and Knowledge for each subject have been planned carefully by subject leaders for progression across the school.

We are constantly improving the curriculum to match the needs of the children in each year group so some plans may be subject to change.