Reading is a key tool for life. Teaching children to become excellent readers is a large and exciting part of what we do at East Herrington. We have lots of opportunities for reading exciting books and materials. We use incentive schemes such as Accelerated Reader and Reading Plus to carefully track progress and practice at home. In Nursery we use a pre-phonics curriculum leading to the onset of RWI when the children are ready.  We use RWI phonics daily in Reception and Year 1 and all pupils will normally have an hour and a half of English lessons in the morning. This is a mixture of learning about reading, writing and speaking and listening, which includes a variety of text types and genres.


Writing is an essential part of our curriculum offer and very important at East Herrington Primary. We have lots of wonderful opportunities to inspire pupils, which makes sure they enjoy writing, and excellent teaching and support to ensure children make excellent progress. In EYFS children learn how to hold a pencil properly and begin to form letters, words and sentences. They draw upon their early phonic knowledge to spell words. Handwriting is taught throughout the school and we aim to present pen licenses to children who can join accurately within all their written work.

We teach writing using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing approach, employing the three stages of imitation, innovation and invention to range of non-fiction and fiction genres. We link our writing context to our curriculum topics, finding real life reasons for children’s writing to enthuse them with purpose; recent examples include letters to members of parliament and Derwent Hill following a year group visit, persuasive writing linked to current topics (Trees or Traffic, Save the Rainforest), narratives written to share with younger children and invitations to events.