Here you will find information related to wellbeing whilst children are away from school.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Please see the following letter about Wellbeing Wednesday, which is on 13th May. You can find out more information in this power point file.

Letter from Mrs Davison (Mental Health Lead) 29.04.2020:


Click here to access the website mentioned in the letter.

Fun Friends Parent Sessions

Please have a look here for a set of Fun Friends sessions, which are designed for you to carry out with your child at your own pace. They have many benefits which are outlined below:

  • Helping other people including family, peers, and teachers
  • Self-awareness of body clues (e.g. tense means stressed, butterflies means nervous)
  • Relaxation techniques for the body and mind during stressful situations
  • Engaging and relating to peers and making friends

After undertaking Fun FRIENDS, parents and teachers may notice the following changes in a child:

  • Improved confidence
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Increased ability to cope with fear
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Improved ability to communicate better with adults
  • Boosted self esteem
  • Increased happiness and enthusiasm

Please work your way through the sessions, if you need any advice or would like to ask more questions please email Mrs Davidson on p3@balmorallearningtrust.co.uk

Fun Friends


Where to find support

Mental health support