Balmoral Learning Trust


In 2016 East Herrington Primary Academy became a founding member of Balmoral Learning Trust. 

Balmoral Learning Trust has a clear vision to create opportunity through collaboration, celebrating the prospects and the potential that can be found in our community though our overarching aim to achieve learning and excellence for all.

Our Academies are at the heart of the communities they serve, putting the needs of our children and families first. As a Trust our vision is much bigger than this, we want to provide so much more for our children; opportunities for children to develop creatively, musically, actively and to have a set of skills, knowledge and values to enable them to be successful citizens and parents of the future.

We currently have two academies who are Balmoral Learning Trust schools;  East Herrington Primary Academy and Hetton Lyons Primary School. Both schools enjoy working collaboratively, benefitting from the specialist services our Trust offers.

Please visit the Balmoral Learning Trust website, to read more about who we are and what we can offer.