School Council

At East Herrington Primary Academy, we have a strong school council.  The children work hard to ensure that the voice of the pupils is shared and valued within our school community.   Each class elects 2 members to be school councillors.  This year all classes from Y1 – Y6 are represented.

The school council meets every week with Mrs Dobinson.

Their role in school is to:

  • represent the pupil community within our school
  • act as role models both in and out of school
  • feedback to classes about decisions made in council meetings
  • inform the council of their classes ideas and suggestions on topics discussed

We are always busy and enjoy helping to make our school a safe and fun place to be for everyone.  Some of the recent work we have undertaken was to help plan both anti-bullying week and children’s mental health week, lots of work around OPAL with Miss Lavelle, we have supported our teachers to ensure all classes have a worry monster and an easy way for members of our classes to make suggestions and we are developing ways of fundraising for our school and outside causes.  All this work has helped our school to achieve the silver Anti-bullying charter mark.