The Governing Body of East Herrington Primary Academy exists to support and advise the Headteacher and her team in running the School for the benefit of the education and enjoyment of its pupils, to provide a productive and creative workplace for its staff and a happy and healthy environment for all.

Governors are drawn from across the local community with differing expertise and experiences with many being parents of children at the School.  This creates a broad level of knowledge which is drawn down and used to enhance the School’s progress wherever possible.

The role of governors is to ensure the strategic direction and performance of the school continues to reflect the high standards we have set ourselves.  All governors have a responsibility to ensure that EHPA continues to deliver the high educational standards the Headteacher and her team have achieved, supporting her as the school continues to evolve into a leading primary academy in Sunderland.

The Balmoral Learning Trust governance structure is currently changing as we move to a multi-academy trust with more than one school and will be updated as new schools join.

Balmoral Learning Trust

Role                                              Name                              Appointment/Resignation     Term of Office

Chair of Trust                               Peter Chapman                  Sep-16                                     4 Years

Member                                        Juli  Poulton                       Sep-16                                     4 Years

Member                                       Peter Maclellan                  Mar-16                                      4 Years

Member                                       Lee Francis                         May-19                                       4 Years

Member                                       Hollie Jobes                        Feb-17                                      4 Years

Company Secretary                  Wendy Alder                       Apr-19                                       Reviewed annually

East Herrington Primary Academy Governors / Directors (Quorum 3)

Role                                              Name                              Appointment/Resignation     Term of Office

Chair (Co-opted)                     Alan Wright                          Oct -16                                       4 Years

Parent Governor                     David Bolam                        Oct-16                                         4 Years

Parent Governor                     Leon Cowley                        Jul-17                                        4 Years

Parent Governor                    Christopher Elves                 Oct-16                                       4 Years

Head of School                       Nicola Hair                            N/A                                           Ongoing

Staff Governor                         Liz Naile                                Dec-18                                     4 Years

Staff Governor                        Rachael Baxter                     Oct-19                                       4 Years

Parent Governor                   Terence Milner                       Dec-18                                      4 Years

Parent Governor                  Keith Newton                         Mar-16                                       4 Years

Vice-Chair (Parent)               Paul Sandersfield                  Jul-17                                        4 Years

Co-Opted Governor              James Eves                         Sep-19                                       4 Years

Clerk                                      Wendy Alder                          Apr-19                                        Reviewed Annually


History (previous 12 months)

A Bennett (resigned November 2018, L Emery (resigned January 2019, J Poulton (resigned July 2019), J Offer (resigned August 2019)