Year 6 Science (posted on 05.11.2018)

As part of science in year 6 we have been looking at different ways to classify plants and animals. We went in our new outdoor learning area and looked for different types of leaves that we could then classify.


Sports Leaders (posted on 05.11.2018)

On Friday afternoon Miss Bowes’ class took part in a sports leaders course with Miss McCulloch from Farringdon. They learnt how to plan and deliver games for younger children in the school and learnt a lot about what it means to be a leader.




EHPA Harvest Festival (posted on 05.11.2018)

Year 6 Beamish (posted on 05.11.2018)

Year 6 visited Beamish Home Farm to experience what it might have been like as an evacuee during WW2. Some children made carrot cookies using items that would have been rationed while others had to blackout windows in case of an air raid. Everyone had a chance to sit in an Anderson shelter which made us all realise what a difficult time many people had during WW2.