Year 4 Debate About Child Labour in Victorian Times (posted on 22.03.2018)

Year 4 held a debate about child labour in the Victorian times. Half of the class represented the ‘Industrialists’ who want child labour to continue and the other half represented the ‘Reformists’ who desperately want it to stop. A scoring system was used during the debate and it was a tie! We’re busy writing down our ideas to try and put our point across further.


Year 4 Victorian Day (posted on 22.03.2018)

Year 4 recently held a Victorian day in school where children dressed, acted and found out what life was like for Victorian children in a normal school day.

We chanted times tables, sang the national anthem, took part in drills and learned how to bow and curtsy. Unfortunately, some of us made mistakes and had to wear the dunces hat, or worse got the cane!