Scandinavian Friends (posted on 05.07.2017)

Over the past couple of months, we have received two surprise letters – one from Denmark and one from Sweden. People living there have found tags from an EHPA balloon release that happened about eight or nine years ago!

All those years ago, children at EHPA tied tags onto balloons and released them on the last day of term. They wanted to see where they would travel. And the answer is: Scandinavia!

Ms Antje Harff found one tag while walking with her dog (Mr Fritz) on a beach in Denmark. Then Jan and Bibi Altena, from Sävedalen, found another on the coast of West Sweden.

They all posted the tags back to us at EHPA and children in Year 6 have been corresponding with them. We are all amazed that the tags have survived that long!

Eve and Harry writing their replies to the letters and photos from Scandinavia.